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Prosperity Management

If you are stuck with your business expansion or job promotion, you need to recognize hurdles for the same. Actually, often people don’t know where the actual problem is. This is the point where they need to seek help from Spiritual Genie.
This time, Spiritual Genie comes with a unique service called Prosperity Management. The main objective behind introducing this service is to help individual professionals, companies and even organization in learning how to gain desired prosperity.


Advantages of Prosperity Management Service

  • With the help of prosperity management service, you can know about blockages or hurdles on the way of success and prosperity.
  • You will learn how to unlock subtle energy and your business premises.
  • You can be able to understand how to create a positive ambience at your business premise so that you can increase productivity for your business.
  • You will learn how to create a positive atmosphere for both employees and workstations.

Home Purification

Purification of human energy body or subtle human body can lead an individual towards a happy and prosperous life. Regular cleansing of subtle body of an individual is needed in order to lead a healthy and happy life. The same situation can also be observed when it comes to purifying your home.
Due to negative energies or other issues, your home may get stuck with blockages of negative energies. Obviously, you would like to eliminate negative energy from your home. Thus, you need to unveil the benefits of home purification service.
Spiritual Genie comes with effective home purification service that can eliminate negative subtle energy from your home. It can help you regaining positive energy for your home.
You can regain energy for happiness, joy, positivity, and prosperity.


Benefits of Home Purification Service

  • You can eliminate negative blockage from your home.
  • You can attract positive energy for your home to gain prosperity and joy.
  • Home purification can transform your negative home to a positive place to live in.

Pranic Healing Service

Spiritual Genie offers Pranic Healing Service to help patients getting rid of different types of mental, physical and emotional problems. Whether you are dealing with heart issues or respiratory problem, you will always find pranic healing service an effective option to go with.


How Pranic Healing Works

  •  The first level of healing an individual through pranic healing is fixing the emotional blockages. Since emotions play most important role in forming different types of mental and physical issues, fixing emotional problem is needed.
  • Now, patients or participants are taught how to use different types of breathing techniques in order to increase subtle energy around them.
  • Participants or patients are taught how to create emotional balance, increase focus and eliminate negative thoughts from mind.


Advantages of Pranic Healing Service

  • Eliminate the negative energy around the human subtle body.
  • Increase the positivity around the patient so that he/she can starts feeling positive.
  • Pranic healing service fixes your emotional issues so that you can lead a healthy and balanced life.

Power Signature Analysis

Power signature analysis is a part of graphology. However, graphology is used by police and detective agencies, but it can also be used to identifying the personality of an individual.
Spiritual Genie comes with Power Signature Analysis service. The main objective behind introducing this unique service is to help individuals, organizations and MNCs in evaluating the personality of people.
With the help of signature analysis service of Spiritual Genie, you can easily transform your life.


Benefits of Power Signature Analysis

  • By choosing power signature analysis service of Spiritual Genie, you can easily reduce the chances of forgery or fraud.
  • With the help of this service, you can evaluate the overall personality of target individual.
  • Human signature helps in knowing the subconscious mind of the individual.
  • You can choose custom-made signature analysis service keeping your specific requirements in mind.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling or individual counseling is conducted when an individual wants to attain face-to-face treatment or psychological help. It is also called psychotherapy. But when it comes to treating a patient or individual using spiritual techniques such as Pranic healing, Spiritual Genie can be the best choice.
An experienced trainer at Spiritual Genie can help you unlocking your unknown emotional, psychological and social issues. He can help and guide you on recognizing your psychological, emotional and social problems in order to lead a better life.


Benefits of Personal Counseling

  • The key benefit of availing personal counseling is that you can grab solutions to your specific problems.
  • With the help of personal counseling or psychotherapy, participants can easily recognize his hidden problems.
  • Individual counseling at Spiritual Genie helps people accessing their subconscious mind.
  • Participants of this service can know about their emotional traumas.
  • Patients or participants can find out right solution to their specific problem by going through a one-on-one individual counseling session.

Logo Analysis

The main motto behind introducing Logo Analysis service is to help people finding the meaning behind a logo. Whether you are a company or an individual professional, logo analysis can always help you knowing the real meaning of a design.
We at Spiritual Genie come with Logo Analysis service to help contemporary businesses, top brands and professionals in achieving their targeted goals. Since we have great experience and expertise in resolving the secret of Logo Design, we can help our clients in understanding the concept of a logo.


Benefit of Logo Analysis

  • You can learn how to convey a message using logo.
  • You can unlock the secret message behind a particular design.
  • With the help of this service, you can know about the brand identity of a business.